AyurVeda Ritam
JyotirVeda Ritam

What is
AyurVeda Ritam?

The term ‘AyurVeda Ritam’ is derived from Sanskrit, one of the oldest languages of mankind.
There ‘AyurVeda’ means ‘wisdom of life’ and ‘Ritam’ ‘primordeal order’.

AyurVeda Ritam represents the complete original wisdom about the natural laws of body, mind, soul and environment and therefore is the basis of the living universe with all its functions and mechanisms.

At the same time it comprises the entire necessary informations and methods for achieving and maintaining perfect true health on all levels.

According to AyurVeda Ritam health is a state of body and mind, which by the perfect flawless functioning of the entire physiology makes energy, physical fitness, wellbeing, mental agility and clarity, happiness, joy and the longing for higher things the normal condition of life.

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