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AyurVeda Ritam represents universally valid knowledge and therefore is the basis of a globally applicable system for achieving and maintaining perfect health. Consequently anyone at any place and at any time can make use of it in its respective individually valid expression.

In particular, AyurVeda Ritam must not be confused with the Indian Ayurveda practised in India, which is based uniquely on old scriptures and traditions.
How many mistakes and errors this system has accumulated in the course of time can easily be judged by the general state of health of the population of India, where in rural regions medical care still largely depends on the principles of the Indian Ayurveda.

Therefore, it cannot and must not be our effort to apply an Indian system or an Indian way of living and eating to Europe, America or any other cultural and climatic regions. For such an undertaking can never contribute to the harmony of man and the laws of nature in a positive way.

The extent of this harmony, however, which can only be re-established by the complete and genuine knowledge of the laws of nature, is decisive for the state of health, the wellbeing, the mental alertness and the span of life of every human being on earth.


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