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Goals and Possibilities of
AyurVeda Ritam

AyurVeda Ritam has an understanding of health which is totally different from that of our society determined by western medicine.
For AyurVeda Ritam health is far more than just the absence of symptoms. It is the condition of the complete and flawless functioning of all systems of body and mind in perfect tune with themselves, with each other and with their surroundings.
Therefore the goal of AyurVeda Ritam is to restore and to permanently maintain this perfect tune in every individual and in society as a whole.

In striving for this, the knowledge and methods of AyurVeda Ritam concretely open up to everyone the possibility of healing any disease, attaining perfect health, realizing his complete mental potential and really achieving his goal of life.

According to AyurVeda Ritam real human being starts on a level which most people nowadays don’t even reach any more in their lives. It is characterized by freedom from physical symptoms, ailments or suffering, by mental liberty and grandeur, by harmony and equilibrium in the feelings, by being above any problems, as well as by the capability of mastering one’s fate and thus of ensuring the optimal development towards one’s goal of life.

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