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As we have seen, AyurVeda Ritam is the all-encompassing knowledge about the laws of nature of body, mind and environment, revived in its pure, genuine and culturally independent form. As such, it is the basis of a number of methods helping everybody in bringing back his body and mind into tune with Natural Law.
Furthermore it is of utmost importance to get the necessary knowledge and know-how in order to maintain and stabilize one’s inner and outer equilibrium without being dependent on foreign help.

Therefore a main point of emphasis of AyurVeda Ritam consists in supplying information and recommendations for a way of living in accord with Natural Law. This gets realized by publications, presentations, courses and consultations.

In addition, AyurVeda Ritam offers simple, yet highly effective methods as its second point of emphasis, through which everyone can attain perfect health. These holistic methods incorporate all aspects of the human being - body, mind, feelings and environment, as well as their mutual interrelationship - and thus focus on the person as a whole, not on his disease. Moreover they orient themselves on truly healthy people, not on the miserable average of our society or even on pathological cases, which are the basis of classical medical formation.


The methods in detail (for further information on a method, please click on it):

  • Darshana - individual diagnostic and consultatory conversation
  • Sambodha Ritam - synchronous massage of the whole body, with 6 hands
  • Yoga - simple physical and respiratory exercises
  • Ritam Samation - ayurvedic deep relaxation (meditation) and restructuring of the basic operating system of the mind
  • JyotirVeda Ritam - consultation according to Vedic Astrology, based on the birth horoscope or a question horoscope

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